Yin’s Bakery

Malaysia, Oktober 2016

When we were in Georgetown, we had a talk with Su Yin. She is the baker and owner (together with her husband) of Yin’s Sourdough Bakery and Pizzeria in Georgetown, Penang. We discovered her bakery and pizzeria when we applied for our co-working space in Georgetown. Yin’s is based on the ground floor of the building. When we stepped in for the first time, we thought it was an ordinary pizzeria, but actually it isn’t. We asked Su Yin more about the concept and her mission.

“I studied biochemistry and started my career in the pharmaceutical industry. At home, I made my own bread to distress from my working life. I started to experiment with sourdough bread and that developed into our concept. My passion to educate and give people the opportunity to eat healthy, was for me the reason to open Yin’s Bakery and later the Pizzeria.”

“We specialize in making all kinds of sourdough breads and buns. All our breads and buns go through natural long fermentations. We do not use commercial yeast in any of our breads or buns. We raised our own sourdough culture to naturally ferment all our breads and buns. This sourdough culture is a living and breathing organism that follow a strict regime of feedings.”

Young employees
“We started with 2 employees a couple of years ago. Right now, we employ 15 people that all have their own qualities and tasks, depending on their skills and passion. All our employees haven’t got a baking background, but started working with us because they want to learn something. They are locals originated from all corners of Malaysia.

It is a coincidence that a lot of them are young and in the beginning of their career, but because we offer a learning environment, it is interesting for young people to start their careers and have the opportunity to learn a skill. Than can be specializing in baking bread, but that can also be learning how to make the best coffee. What is important though, is that everyone starts at the same point of making dough and learning about the sourdough process. We want everyone to learn the same skills and after that we give the opportunity to specialize in a certain part of the process.

We also have some older and more experiences employees. They also have a task to teach and coach the younger employees. In this way we create a system that the more experienced ones teach the less experienced ones.”

“My dream is that more people eat healthy bread. Although it is challenging to educate people in Malaysia to change their eating patterns, people are slowly picking up that bread full of sugar and chemical products are not good for our health. I want to provide places where all people, no matter what your income is, can buy sourdough bread and at the same time can learn about the natural fermentation process. Hopefully, in the future, I can open more places in Malaysia like the Bakery and Pizzeria in Georgetown. And who knows, maybe even abroad.”


Visit their website to read more about Su Yin’s concept and check out their bakery and pizzeria when you are in Georgetown. We can recommend their pizza’s. They are delicious!