live the dream

It is November 2015, we live in a small apartment just outside the city centre of Amsterdam. We love the neighbourhood. Amsterdam Oud-West is a vibrant, diverse and trendy place where local meets international. Almost every morning we sit at Lot Sixty One, one of the best coffee places in Amsterdam. As usual, we order a black coffee and a latte and open up our laptops. Together we discuss the emails we received the previous day and make a time schedule for the rest of the day. After an hour we give each other a kiss and hop on our bikes to go to work. Almost every day this is our morning ritual. Not bad huh?


November was, as usual, a windy, rainy and dark month. Although we love the presence of different seasons in Holland, we couldn’t help it to dream about a place where we could do what we love and be able to do that in a more exotic environment. The everyday routine was, although it wasn’t bad at all, also a point of discussion now and then. We dreamed about exploring unknown countries and cultures and meeting new people all around the world.

Do it!

Although it was really scary to make the decision to not only dream the life but actually pursue to live the dream, it felt like a real liberation to work towards our new goals. We told our family and friends that we would be leaving soon for an indefinite period of time and began to prepare our upcoming adventures as Digital Nomads. That meant that we had to let go of a lot of things we had built in Amsterdam and at the same time we realised that letting go gave us a lot of space and opportunities to build new things.

We Are Digital Nomads

Our initiative ‘We Are Digital Nomads’ was born quickly after the decision to travel and work as Digital Nomads. Our mission is to inspire young professionals all around the world to follow their dreams. We want to send out this message to everyone that dreams of a nomadic lifestyle: Step out of your comfort zone. Do it, do it now!

“This is your world, shape it or someone else will” – Gary Lew



design & concept

Eric de Waal is an all-round and international oriented Graphic Designer. After graduating in Graphic Design (2013) at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy, he started his own design studio ‘Studio de Waal’, which was based in Amsterdam until he decided to work remotely. During the last four years he has built a large international customer base in a wide variety of sectors. The mission of Eric is to make his work recognizable for people around the world and to be known for his progressive and unique design skills.


concept & communication

Fairouz Kaddour is working as an entrepreneur ever since she graduated as a Health Scientist (2009) at the Free University of Amsterdam. She began to work as a project coördinator, trainer and coach for several social projects, where she loved to handle the strategic and organizational part. Over the years she also developed her passion in writing and communication. Her mission is to inspire young professionals to step out of their comfort zone and motivate them to find and develop their passion in life.

Working with us

Working with us means you are working with a passionate creative duo. Together we create art, designs, concepts, identities, connections, collaborations and interaction. We would like to see our work as a colorful cocktail. Mix some qualitative and rich ingredients together and as a result, you will have a variety of flavors interacting as a unity. So what is the cocktail you will get from us?



Base ingrediënts

Drive: we have the drive and energy to put 100% effort into creating a product that clients and costumers love and believe in.

Knowledge: we have the know-how to deliver qualitative good work and we see every project as a learning process.

Passion: our work is our passion and our passion is our work. We work for and with people because we believe in them, their product or business.


To spice it up

Professional: we can be social and informal towards our clients, but we always remain professional when it comes to the work process and product we have to deliver.

Communication: clear communication is essential to maintain a good professional relationship with our clients and partners. We ask the same from the ones we work with.

Flexibility: we stay at all times flexible for our clients without pushing ourselves to meet unrealistic expectations and deadlines. We always see our work as an equal collaboration.



How we work

Recent Adventures

Dutch Design is globally known as experimental and innovative. As a Dutch creative duo, we try to express these characteristics in our work, as well in our own projects as in designing identities and products for clients. In our portfolio below you can see some of our work varying from analog to digital design. Drop us an email to see more work or if you would like us to design your brand or product.