Hotel Villa Samnang

Signing and print work - Phnom Penh

When we were exploring some hotels in Phnom Penh, we came across the Dutch owner of Boutique Hotel Villa Samnang. He was in the middle of renovating the place and setting up a new brand. The logo was already made, but he needed help with the implementation of the logo of both his hotel as the restaurant in the hotel. He needed a menu card, signing, a flyer and forms for the stationary of the hotel. When we told him that we are a traveling design agency, he asked us to make a proposal. We ended up staying at the hotel for free for 2 weeks and for that we designed all of the products he needed. Normally it would cost us at least 700 euro to stay at a hotel like this, so we were very happy with this barter deal!














Credits to Nataly Lee for designing the logo of TAO and Villa Samnang.