Co-working: Vietcetera

Ho Chi Minh City

Our favorite workplace in Ho Chi Minh City was Vietcetera, a coffee place (and much more) run by young Americans with Vietnamese roots. During our stay, they were still busy with handling the last things before they would officially launch their coffee place. After a few days they noticed that we were coming back every day and that triggered some really nice conversations about our work, the world today and how it is to come back to Vietnam after growing up in America (they came back to Ho Chi Minh and started their concept in a building previously owned by their grandfather of one of the owners).




Like I said, Vietcetera is much more that only a place to drink coffee. This is how they describe their concept: “We’re a consortium of artists, writers, designers, photographers, musicians, technologists, and business people dedicated to a fresh look at an evolving Vietnam. Vietcetera seeks to find the untold human stories of the people that are contributing to a new, modern Vietnam. From design to business to architecture to film. We want to both give a new and youthful take on Vietnam that both local and foreigners can appreciate. At the same time, Vietcetera provides practical information and guidance on how to navigate Vietnam’s mysterious waters. This includes basic things like finding top notch restaurants and discovering the best places to stay in Vietnam.”

Check out their website for useful tips of Vietnam and inspirational stories of young entrepreneurs.