May 2016 - July 2016

There are a few aspects of our time in Hong Kong that we found memorable and we would like to share these with you!

The streets
We walked a lot in Hong Kong, which is pretty ok to do if you avoid the boiling afternoon sun. It is simple: the streets are packed. Packed with people, vendors and homeless people. Especially in the more local area’s of Kowloon, where thousands of people live and work right beside each other. Too many people and not enough space. Our walks from our house to the nearest subway, which is never longer that 1km, ment that we had to bump into at least 10 people before we arrived at the entrance of the MTR. At first, we got really frustrated by all the people walking in the streets living in their own bubble, looking at their cell phones 90% of the time and acting like they really don’t care when they bump into you. After a while, we got used to it and just accepted the fact we were living in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Public transport
We loved the public transport (especially the underground (and partially above ground) subway) and the Octopus card that functions not only as a public transport card, but also as a daily payment card for lots of other places in the city. Everyday we wondered why our home country doesn’t has a structured and functional public transport system like Hong Kong has. It was for us pretty awesome to see that such a huge city with so many people commuting every day, manages to structure its transport system in a way we had never seen before. Amsterdam, eat your heart out!

We all know that Hong Kong is a very busy city. But did you also know that you can be in the middle of nature in only 30 minutes outside the city? The city is surrounded by mountains and beaches with al kinds of hiking trails. A lot of people use these trails in the weekends, early mornings or evenings to escape from the city and we can not blame them. We saw some of the most spectacular (city)views during a few of our hikes and there are so many we couldn’t do them all in the 3 months that we were there.

Hong Kong is a food walhalla. You can eat all kinds of food in every price range. From cheap local street food to up class dishes from around the world. We personally liked to eat in local neighborhoods, which was cheap and delicious, although we are not always a big fan of Chinese food. A must-try is dim-sum in the morning or early afternoon with a nice cup of Chinese tea. Don’t forget to try the chicken feet ;).

Probably the best part of our time in this amazing city was the variety of people we have met at the network events, on the streets and in cafe’s, co-working spaces and at all kind of other activities. It was very exciting to see all these different nationalities working together in local businesses, start-ups and remote companies. We have met digital nomads from Europe and the USA, young local entrepreneurs and expats from all over the world, trying to build a life in Hong Kong. Being there truly has given us more the entrepreneurs spirit and it has boosted our energy level to the max!

We can recommend Hong Kong to everybody who likes to be in a big city and at the same time likes to explore nature and meet inspiring, hardworking and ambitious people. Hong Kong is definitely not for the lazy people. You are forced to be active and that’s a good thing right?!