Resource: U-print Zone

Hong Kong, May 2016

When we arrived in Hong Kong we immediately went searching for a print shop as it is pretty important for our work. We tried to print some work at a big company with a lot of mass production which was cheap but not good at all. When talking to a graphic designer at a co-working space, he told us that he knew a really good print shop owned by someone who loved her job. So, we went on adventure and searched for the place. After a lot of wrong turns, we ended up on the 9th floor of a huge building at the print shop U-Print Zone. We met Angela, the owner of the print shop and she was truly a great host. She showed us around in her 30 year old print shop and also showed us her portfolio. We were pretty impressed, not only by her shop, but also by the way she talked about paper, colors, ink and her dedication to her work. She produces high qualitative work, of course a little bit more expensive, but still in comparison to Holland….it is a real joke how much you pay for print work. We immediately got our own name cards printed which turned out really nice!

Are you in Hong Kong and do you need a a good print shop? Visit Angela at U-Print Zone on 659 King’s Road, North Point.