Heritage Museum HK

International Poster Competition - Hong Kong

Poster Triennial Design Pitch 2017




The Heritage museum of Hong Kong has opened a call for entries for the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2017. Designers and artist all over the world were asked to send a hard copy of a poster design. Especially for this call, we designed and submitted posters with the name ‘Can(t) touch this’, which represents a serie of two posters. One poster shows the sentence “how does it feel to love”, written with pins, and the other poster shows the sentence “something you can not touch” which is lasercut out of hairy fabric.



With this serie we wanted to play with the word touch, with both letters and material. The two posters do not match at all with each other when it comes to material. One is soft and fury and the other stings if you get to close.

Separate they give a somewhat confusing message to the audience. We used stingy material with the words ’how does it feel to love’ and soft material with the words: ‘something you can not touch’. We want to show that both verbal and non-verbal communication are important to send out a message, and it can be confusing and interesting at the same time when they do not match with each other.





Together, though, the posters are complementary. They show one sentence: ‘ How does it feel to love something you can not touch?’. Referring to the need of yin/yang, or balance. Both soft and hard are needed to complement each other and although they can differ distinguishably it is possible to send out one message.
The message or question ‘how does it feel to love something you can not touch?’ refers to the things in life that we love but we can never touch: the sun and the moon, the actor or actress you are in love with, god, your favorite tv-show, the family member that has past away, the wind, the chemistry between you and your partner, and so there are many more things in life that we see or feel but that we can never touch.







The deadline is already due and in March 2017 we will know if our entry is chosen to show during the exhibition in November 2017. The jury will also choose entries that will be adopted in the permanent collection of the museum.

For more information check their website.