Letters to Wear

competition (winner) - calligraphy design

In 2014 Baraboux and the Khatt Foundation launched a ‘Letters to Wear’ design contest, which was open to all artists and typographers specialising in Arabic type. The ultimate goal of the competition was to develop a product personalization concept based on Arabic typography, with the aim of fusing art with fashion. Among the hundreds of entries, we had the winning entry. Our design was showcased at Design Days Dubai and turned into bag charms for the Saudi-based accessory brand Baraboux.





“KALILAH” concept

The name of the typeface is “KALILAH”. This typeface refers to a woman who is as bright as the sun. She shines her light over the world, just like the charm itself does when a sunbeam reflects on it.  This woman is someone that everyone loves. That is why she is invited to every conference, party or social activity: because people want to be around her. She wears a bag with her “KALILAH” initials as a precious piece; as her favourite piece. Her vision is “By shining my light to others I express positivity and love so I can create peace and happiness in this world”

To represent this type of woman, the typeface has a powerful, though classic look. The lines are all connected with each other, which refers to the connection that we all have: the woman that wears her BARABOUX bag with “KALILAH” feels at home everywhere in this world because she is a world citizen.


Source: UAE Elle Magazine (Dubai)


Source: Telegraaf (Dutch Newspaper)