March 2017


We have spent 3 months in total in Vietnam. Because we heard such good things about Hanoi, we decided to stay for one month. And honestly, this month passed by before we knew it. The city feels very different than Ho Chi Minh City and although it is the capital of Vietnam, it feels more like a small city rather than a capital.




Our search for a good place to stay was somewhat challenging as the accommodation in the old town are very noisy and small. We moved three times because of this and we eventually ended up in a very nice studio a little bit outside the old town. It was perfect!




Working in Hanoi is not hard as they are numerous of coffee places and co-working places to work from. But, you have to do some research beforehand in order to get started quickly after you arrive.

For shopping and nightlife, Hanoi is a perfect choice. There are a lot of great bars and cafe’s and you can buy everything, from Western brands in shopping malls to small souvenirs in the old town.




Last but not least, the food is amazing and much better than the food in the South!