Expat: Alice Mourou

Hong Kong, June 2016

Meet Alice Mourou from Russia, 26 years old and living in Hong Kong for almost one year now. While living in Moscow, she always dreamed of a life outside Russia so she could explore new countries and cultures. At the age of 23 she moved to Dubai together with her husband. At that time, she couldn’t speak any English, but was determined to succeed in her international adventure.


New adventures

In Moscow, Alice was a successful designer and she continued her work in Dubai. There she also learned English, mostly self-taught. After her husband got a job offered in Hong Kong, they moved together to Hong Kong where she works as a self-employed designer and art-director. “At first, I was not really enthusiastic about moving to Hong Kong, but I really learned to love and appreciate this diverse city. Different from the life in Russia, you have here a lot of opportunities to learn new cultures and people because of the healthy mix of locals and expats. On top of that, Hong Kong is used to have a culture of as well Western as Asian and that make it easy to adapt and blend in.”

Hong Kong
“Most of the people in my Hong Kong network are locals that have studied or worked abroad and expats living in Hong Kong. It is hard to connect with locals who lived in Hong Kong their whole lives. It takes more effort. At first I was afraid to not be able to communicate because of the language, but I am picking up some Cantonese and I learned that you could come a long way with hands and feet. “


Come in action

With here journey Alice inspires a lot of Russian friends dreaming of a life in another country. Her message to them and others that have the same dream is crystal clear: “To start over in a different country is as hard as you make it. If you want to do something, you just have to come in action. It is as simple as that. Take that first step to your goal and the rest will follow.“

Check out the work of Alice on her website.